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Some frequently asked questions about investing in properties.


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What is
What is a Member?
What is a Sponsor?
What is a Promote?
What is an Accredited Investor?
What is a Co-Owner?
What is Co-Ownership?
What is a TIC (Tenant In Common)?
What is an LLC?
What is a Managing Member?
What is the difference between a Co-Owner and an LLC Member?
What types of properties does offer?
What is Triple Net?
Why No Debt (Zero Debt)?
What is a Reservation Fee?
Why Single Tenants?
Who manages the property?
If I am a Co-Owner in a property that is managed by JDS Real Estate Inc, and something happens to JDS Real Estate Inc, what happens to my Co-Ownership?
If I purchase a Co-Ownership with and something happens to, what will happen to my Co-Ownership?
Who makes the decisions for the Properties?
If I become a Co-Owner in a property, will I be able to sell my ownership?
If I become a Member in the LLC of a property, will I be able to sell my ownership?
What are the ongoing costs of being a Co-Owner in a property?
Does it cost money to join
When do I get paid?
How many Co-Owners are there in an average property?
What is the worst case scenario?
Can I buy a property with funds from my 1031 exchange?
Can I buy a property with my IRA or other retirement account?
How is it different than a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?
How does an investment get listed on
When posting properties on this site, what criteria does look for?
What does do to pre-vet potential properties?
What are the benefits of using
Is the website secure?
Are the investments secured?
When I invest as a Co-Owner in a property, what do I own?
When will I get my investment back?
Are these properties risky?
Why is it only for accredited investors?
How does the investment process work?
How will I be updated about my investment?
Is there an investment minimum?
Why do Investments of less than $100,000 earn a less rate of return?
What if more money is needed for the property?
What are the tax implications of investing with
What is unique about
Is available to foreign investors?
If I become a Co-Owner or LLC Member, will I receive distributions and how often?
When does a Co-Owner or LLC Member begin to earn distributions?
Will the distributions I receive be taxable as ordinary income?
When will I receive tax return information?
Why is the Seller selling?:
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