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Get Educated


Why Triple Net:

Triple Net (NNN) properties offer you a greater hedge against inflation because the tenant pays for the Real Estate Taxes, Insurance, Maintenance and Utilities for the property.

Why Zero Debt:

When you own a property free and clear, then and only then do you “truly” own the property. There is no chance of a lender foreclosure when you own your property Debt Free. Considerable savings are also achieved when you don’t have to “pay for financing.”

Why Single Tenant:

Single Tenant properties require the least amount of management. We will only purchase Single Tenant properties occupied by financially strong, well-capitalized companies.

Why Co-Ownership:

Co-Ownership gives individual investors the opportunity to own high-quality commercial real estate that they would not likely be able to purchase on their own. The legal form of ownership of this type is called Tenants In Common. For smaller property purchases or for investments of less than $100,000, an LLC structure may be used.

Why Crowdfunding:

Crowdfunding of this type of commercial real estate gives individual investors access to high-quality, pre-vetted commercial real estate. Additionally, by utilizing the power of the internet and this website,the cost of operations is kept low and therefore increases your returns.


Jason Schwetz, the founder of LLC has almost 30 years of commercial real estate experience with a strong concentration in retail. In addition to owning, buying, financing, leasing, managing, renovating and building retail shopping centers, he has also been a retail tenant for over 23 years. He holds the highest designation of CRX from the International Council of Shopping Centers and is also a CSM (Certified Shopping Center Manager). Additionally, he has been a California licensed real estate broker since 1988.


NNN + Zero Debt + Single Tenant = Simple, Stable Real Estate Investing



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