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How It Works

How It Works LLC groups together like-minded people (“Co-Owners”) who wish to own low-risk, high-quality commercial real estate that individually they are unable to purchase on their own. This is accomplished by pooling together the group’s funds along with LLC to become Co-Owners of single-tenant, 100% occupied, free-standing commercial properties. Each property is purchased Debt-Free with ALL cash.

Each Co-Owner owns either an undivided interest in the property or is a Member of the LLC which owns the property. Co-Owner receives a copy of the deed shortly after the close of escrow and Members will receive a copy of the deed showing the new LLC as an owner. Each Co-Owner’s name appears on the Deed and each Member’s name will appear in the final LLC. Co-Owners nor Members have any management responsibility of any kind. All property management is handled by a professional commercial property management company, JDS Real Estate Inc. (“JDSRE”). Co-Owners and Members receive their proportionate share of the income from the property on either a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the property. LLC identifies and pre-vets each property prior to the pooling of any funds. LLC secures the rights to purchase the property from the sellers and places the property into escrow. Each Co-owner or Member commits to the amount of ownership they wish to purchase by committing $1,000 (Reservation Fee) per $100,000.00s of interest they wish to own through the website’s secured processor. The full amount of the Reservation Fee is applied to that Co-owner’s or Member’s ownership share. The balance of each Co-owner’s or Member’s funds needed to close escrow will be wired or mailed (or electronically transferred) directly to the escrow company or to JDSRE by the Co-owner or Member at least 15 days prior to closing.

In the event the close of escrow does not occur, 100 % of each Co-owner’s and Member’s Reservation Fee and any other Co-Owner’s or Member’s funds will be returned.

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